My Story!

Hi, I'm Hossein and I am 23! I am studying Atomic Physics but I'm more into computers than Physics! I am currently a Front End Developer at Tapsell Ad Net.

I have begun working in the IT since 2017. Back then, I was into networking since I had Network+ and MCSE certifications, I was implementing Microsoft based networks for several companies. When I gathered enough knowledge about Linux I started to take Linux based network projects as well and that was when I got LPIC1 and LPIC2 certifications.

After that, I began to work in a Fintech company as a Tech Help Desk and after a short time, I got promoted to become Tech Support Lead on that company.

In the next chapter of my professional career, I realized that I'm into programming as well so I begin learning myself to program. I started by learning HTML, CSS and then I have learned Bootstrap, JavaScript and then its frameworks. After learning the basics of web development I have been transferred to the Devs Department.

After my departure from the FinTech company, I started to work as a freelance developer and I took several projects, I have developed softwares using Angular and Vue.js which all of my projects can bee seen in my LinkedIn account and I am currently working on a product which is based on Angular 8. I haven't got any chance to work with React.js but I will embrace the experience!

I have also begun to write and share my little knowledge in Medium and Virgool which you can follow me. I also contribute to StackOverflow.

I always enjoy talking about the latest technologies and stuff so feel free to let me know if you want to have a coffee with me!